2004 year

On the basis of the legal decision № 4 on 07.11.2004 “Centre of transport services” the branch was created in structure of “Kazzheldortrans” joint-stock company.

2005 year

On the basis of the legal decision № 7 on 04.10.2005 “Centre of transport services” the branch of “Kazzheldortrans” joint-stock company was renamed in “Kaztemirtrans” joint-stock company — “Centre of transport services”.

2006 year

On the basis of the legal decision of board of directors of “Kaztemirtrans” joint-stock company № 8 on 06.07.2006 “Centre of transport services” joint-stock company was created on the base of “Transkazakhstanskaya magistral” joint-stock company with transfer of functions of forwarding agent to branch of “Kaztemirtrans” joint-stock company — “Centre of transport services”.

2008 year

For the first time in the group of companies “Kazakhstan Temir Zholy” purchase of cars was carried out by means of financial leasing. A new park consisting of 340 freight cars, including 190 bulk-oil tanks and 150 hopper cement carriers, supplemented the park of cars of the joint-stock company “Center of transport services”.

2015 year

On the basis of a protocol decision of the Board of Directors of "Kaztemirtrans" JSC 4,500 tanks were transferred for temporary possession and use (lease).

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