We inform You, that on the basis of the minutes of the Board of “Center of transport services” JSC № 11 dated November 2, 2016 and the Order № 123 from 03.11.2016 of the Company on November 3, 2016 Kazimov Aibek Turgynbekuly was appointed President of “Center of transport services” JSC.

  • Head of the car fleet and transportation coordination has been awarded


    Head of the car fleet and transportation coordination Dzhakeev A.O. has been awarded with a medal “Kasіbi saladagy sіnіrgen enbegi ushin” (“For merits in the professional field”) for a conscientious attitude to his official duties, and his contribution to the development of “Centre of transport services” JSC.

  • 06.10.2016, a professional holiday “Accountant’s Day” is celebrated


    A profession of “Accountant” is one of the most highly qualified, respected and sought-after professions not only in Kazakhstan, but also throughout the world.

  • Chief accountant has been awarded


    For outstanding labor achievements, rational approach to problem solving, dedication and professionalism Organizing Committee of the National business-rating in the Republic of Kazakhstan has awarded Chief accountant of “Centre of transport services” JSC Kerimbaeva A.T.

  • Dear shippers!


    We inform you about placing on our site of new model contracts for the provision of services of the operator of tank cars, freight forwarding, provision of freight forwarding services for 2015.

  • “Centre of transport services” JSC has taken part in a seminar on the development of practical guidelines


    Ministry of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan pursuant to the order of President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, given at the enlarged session of the Government of August 6 this year, and in order to implement the Concept of entering the 30 most developed countries in the world is developing a comprehensive program of development of service industry in the Republic of Kazakhstan to 2020. 

  • To all consignors!!!


    “Center for transportation services” JSC informs that it starts operating cisterns of “Kaztemirtrans” JSC within the republic and for export from 01.12.2013.

  • Congratulations on Victory Day!


    Lilac is in the hands
    And the orders are on the chest,
    And trees are green again
    And the cherry orchard is in blossom again!

    Congratulations on Victory Day!
    Glory and honour to all those
    Who has brought it!

    Let life go on with confidence,
    But troubles and misfortunes go downhill.
    Let them fly away headlong
    And not interfere our life!

    We wish you happy days
    And keep piece for us!

  • Nauryz is a holiday of spring, rebirth and renovation


    Let joy of life come into your heart on the day when the nature starts enjoying spring warmth!

  • “Transportation service center” JSC congratulates you on the 8th of March!


    We congratulate you on this wonderful holiday on behalf of “Transportation service center” JSC!

    Dear kind and faithful women!

    We congratulate you on a new spring, first rain drops!

    We wish you peaceful sky and bright sun,

    Cherished happiness, a lot of kindness and warmth, —

    Let all your dreams come true!

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  • Railways of Hungary


    Traveling in Hungary by train is much easier than by car or plane. The railway network belongs to the MÁV public transport company. Railways of Hungary connect big cities: Budapest, Debrecen, Miskolc, Szentendre, and others.

  • Features of the railway network


    Budapest is considered to be the largest transportation hub. Joining of many train flights is done in Debrecen. Train tickets are sold at the station ticket offices and on the Internet.

  • One of the most famous British steam locomotives — “Flying Scotsman” — again on the move


    One of the most famous British steam locomotives — “Flying Scotsman” is back on the track. In the thirties it became the first locomotive, which had a top speed of 160 kilometers per hour. Repair work lasted 10 years and cost six million dollars. Soon it begins to carry passengers again, to the delight of lovers of antiquity.

  • Winners of the project “Railroader” have visited the InnoTrans exhibition in Berlin


    Thirty of the best students of Ukrainian transport institutions of higher education of Kharkov, Dnieper and Kiev have visited the international exhibition of equipment and innovations InnoTrans 2016 in Berlin.

  • African countries’ diplomatic representatives in Kenya have appreciated the project of r/w Mombasa-Nairobi


    African countries’ diplomatic representatives in Kenya were invited by the Chinese Embassy in Kenya to get acquainted with the progress of the project of railway Mombasa-Nairobi, a contract for building of which is served by a Chinese enterprise.

  • Japan privatizes r/w operator JR Kyushu in the IPO at $ 3.8 billion


    TOKYO (Reuters) — The Japanese government will raise about $ 3.8 billion from the privatization of Kyushu Railway Co in the process IPO, largest in country this year, as follows from the official disclosure of information by a railway operator.

  • The Train Silk Road from China to Europe


    China has long been the center of the world trade, but strives to cover greater areas. We can say that the main driving force of this railway project is a sense of historical primacy.

  • The longest railway of the planet - development plans


    A small city of Yiwu in eastern China is known worldwide as one of the largest wholesale centers, which is preferred for cooperation by foreign businessmen of various levels.

  • The longest railway in the world: Yiwu - Madrid


    Time passes and the world is changing in accordance with the laws of economic development. New routes are being opened, modern highways and railway lines are being designed and constructed.

  • The steepest railway in the world


    Pilatusban is considered to be the steepest railway in the world. The entire route from the city of Alpnahshtadt to Mount Pilatus top the train covers in half an hour, making a couple of stops along the way.

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