“Centre of transport services” JSC is a consolidated company “Kazakhstan Temir Zholy” NC” JSC which is a part of “Samruk — Kazyna” NWF. As a major operator of cars — tanks park of Kazakhstan (about 10 000 units) “Center of transport services” JSC provides about 50% of total rail transportation on the territory of Kazakhstan, which includes:

  1. Granting freight cars in property loan (rent).
  2. Rendering transport-forwarding services.
    • registration of shipping documents for the entire route;
    • registration and payment of freight charges (for the transportation of loaded and empty cars) on the territory of KZ, including charges for the rearrangement of cars on another trolley track width and the cost of services for the providing, storage of trolleys and additional fees;
    • informing customers about the whereabouts of the goods;
    • payment of freight charges in the territory of the CIS and Central Asia;
    • calculating and providing tariffs for cargo transportation;
    • providing services for cargo handling and marine freight in the ports of CIS and foreign countries;
    • organizing grain transportation in inventory park cars and leased cars.
  3. Developing and coordinating schemes for loading and fastening cargo, outsize one in the open rolling stock included.
  4. Implementation of the cargo transportation by piggyback method (loaded cars on piggyback platforms):
    • increased transport speed and the minimum term of delivery;
    • preservation of the goods transported;
    • security of transportation, minimizing the risk of loss, damage, and theft in transfer points;
    • quality of delivery;
    • perfect transport scheme.
  5. Providing services in registration of transit declarations on the play stations of “KTZh” NC" JSC:
    • registration of transit declarations at Dostyk station;
    • registration of transit declarations at Saryagash station.

Our company is focused on providing high-quality services, and in market conditions offers competitive rates, cost reduction and achievement of a clear outcome with minimal involvement of the client in the process of transportation.

By entrusting us cargo transportation you will get a responsible partner for whom the quality of services and execution of obligations are of paramount importance.

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